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Become the Victor, not the Victim!

It’s natural to fall into a victim mindset after any type of trauma. The hard part is getting out of it. Unfortunately, you’re the only one that can decide when that is, and how. Here, I discuss how in my journey I was able to remove my victim mindset and become the victor. Nothing is ever easy or simple, but it’s possible.


A Journey of Acceptance!

We often get to a point in life where we feel stuck. Or, a place where we’re sick of being in our current mindset, as its getting us nowhere. The first step to turning that corner towards a better tomorrow is finding acceptance. Here, I discuss my journey of acceptance, and how it completely changed my life. To be able to accept my new condition and body.


The Hidden Hero!

Who is your hero? Your inspiration? Often we look to others to motivate and inspire us. Though we often forget there’s been a hero closer to us than we may realise. A hero constantly working to provide a better today. Here I answer the question “who is the hidden hero?” and why we need to keep going to honour them. Then, how briefly looking back at the past isn’t always bad is along as its done with gratitude.


Beating Imposter Syndrome!

Negative beliefs affect us throughout our life. Our mind has a habit of creating beliefs with little evidence to prove they’re factual, yet we’ll always entertain them. No more! Here I discuss imposter syndrome & my experiences with it. And how shifting my beliefs & mindset now allows me to win each time. As you will too!


Living in a State of Gratitude!

On the 5th anniversary of my Ileostomy surgery. I discuss the importance of finding gratitude in even the most traumatic of events. For its these moments that transform you. Everything really does happen for a reason.


The Art of Loving Yourself!

With today being valentine’s day, I wanted to take an alternate route. When was the last time you asked yourself “How much do I love myself?”. Here I discuss why it’s equally as important to hold a greater love for yourself. Guiding you find the foundations for self-love.


vulnerability blog

The Positive Side of Vulnerability!

Some have a notion that allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a weakness. I disagree. Here I discuss why being vulnerable is a positive. How honesty can set you free and evolve you in your personal development.


calendar blog

Am I Interested, or Am I Committed?

As we move into a new year, have you ever said or heard “Next year, I’ll start this. Next month, I’ll do that”? Here I discuss why waiting to make a change doesn’t always work, and why it’s more effective to make any change now.


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