Coaching & Mentoring


I truly believe we’ve had the power and answers within us all along. We just haven’t been able to discover the right tools and methods to awaken them. If you’re reading this, then I also truly believe this is the universes way of telling you now is the right time for you to find those answers.

In its simplest form, coaching is focussed on facilitating your evolution. Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do, but rather taking you on a powerful journey of self-discovery. An evolution, as I like to say. The next chapter in becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Are you:

  • Feeling stuck, empty, looking for a purpose that drives you?
  • Looking for an identity?
  • Struggling to start or achieve a goal?
  • Feeling unworthy? That you’re not good enough? Not deserving of happiness or success?
  • Looking to find a deeper love and appreciation for yourself?
  • Wanting to remove all negative and limiting beliefs?
  • Wanting to look at life through a positive lens?
  • Struggling to find acceptance?
  • Struggling to overcome procrastination tendencies?
  • Struggling to move forward after a physical change to your body?

This is where empowerment coaching comes into play. By simply moving one step closer to where you want to be will cause a monumental shift of positive energy. A feeling of empowerment, because you’re taking back the ownership of how you want your life to play out. It’s an amazing feeling.

During the last few years, I ticked all of those points, and more. Now, I’m so blessed and humbled to say I have overcome them. Through life lessons and continuous self-work. I have been able to find the tools and techniques that has helped defeat those demons. I don’t say this to impress you. I say this to impress upon you that if I can defeat my demons then you can too. We’re truly limitless in our potential.

What to expect

I offer coaching with a slight mentoring approach. This means that I won’t tell you what to do or how, but, if necessary, provide tools and techniques that have worked for me, as a way to open new perspectives and challenge your way of thinking. As sometimes, a different approach is what can help unlock the door.

I provide a friendly, relaxed and secure environment free of any judgement. Where you are able to just be your authentic self. Currently, this is over video chat via Zoom, Teams or Skype. I’m also more than happy for good old fashioned telephone sessions if preferred. Face-to-face session are not on offer at the moment, due to the unpredictable circumstances hitting the globe. This will be reviewed in the future.

My fees are reflective of the time and money I invested, and continue to invest in my learning, such as topical training courses and reading materials.

Sessions can be booked as a singular. Block sessions of four are also on offer at a discounted rate of 10% per session.

Additional Information

  • ICF Certified Coach (certificate confirmation can be provided upon request)
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Fully GDPR compliant

What’s next

If you’re resonating with anything discussed on this website, and you feel that spark of motivation within that’s telling you its time to take yourself to the next level, then please get in touch HERE. I’ll respond to your message as soon as possible and look to arrange a discovery call. Answering any questions or concerns you may have before deciding if empowerment coaching is right for you.


“Kevin helped me defining a goal to focus on. Thanks to his coaching i was able to develop techniques to focus and appreciate the positive sides in my life. I am using these techniques almost every day which helped me finding back my inner balance.” Silvia Rosenmayer – Senior Finance Customer Manager

“Working with him, it really helped to reduce any anxiety or confusion I had, as we broke bigger tasks into more manageable ones and put things in a more logical order so things got done in the right way. Often by actually verbalising an idea with Kevin, it really helped me see what I had to do versus before coaching I might have been mulling over the ideas in my head for weeks.” Ben Woods – Small Business Owner

“I would highly recommend Kevin as a coach for so many reasons but mainly he is a very good listener, he gets the subject matter well and knows how to guide me to the solution without me even realising. Our rapport has grown over time and it has been easy to open up with Kevin who made me feel accepted as I am.” Olivia Bandelier – Life Coach

I’d love to hear from you!